When to bet against Real Madrid?

Real Madrid together with Barcelona dominated Spanish football league. Thus bookmakers on their winnings written out lower classes. Which means only one thing – it is increasingly important to know when to bet against them!

This article examines whether Real Madrid loses more often in matches that plays after playing a match LM or domestic Cup.

Statistics for the last 4 seasons show that in matches that Real played immediately after the match, LM or domestic Cup, Real failed to win the whole 32% of cases (compared with 19% when Real played second league game in a row).

This means that if White plays ballet match LM or domestic cup in the next league game are his chances of winning were reduced by 13% compared to situations where playing two league matches in a row (here Real wins in 19% of matches), so that on average each third league match after match in LM or domestic Cup ends in a draw or a defeat Real Madrid.

Champions League and domestic cup important factors

Statistics show that 51% of league matches that Real in the last 4 years failed to win, followed the match of the Champions League and domestic cup. Given that the Madrid team progresses regularly among the last four teams domestic cup and Champions League, this factor is very important.

In the past it but it was otherwise. In the years 2002/2003 to 2007/2008, after Madrid cup ties fared better on the contrary – won about 4% more matches.

It is also interesting that during the last years statistics recorded only 2% difference between the matches of the Champions League and domestic cup matches. The culprit is not a long trip, which is in the Champions League teams irresistible.

Long-term profit?

In this article, we calculated that the constant betting against Real Madrid after his cup ties punters showed a gain.

If you bet $10 to defeat Real and $10 for a draw after each match LM or domestic cup in the last 4 years you have lost a total of $ 307.45. If you bet $10 to defeat Real and $ 10 to draw on every home game the team after the game LM or domestic cup, you have achieved a profit of $19.20.

As a result, we can see that although the statistics speak about problems with Real Madrid winning matches immediately after the match LM or domestic cup, this fact alone punters for long-term gain does not help (in the case of betting on every game).

Through this article you learned but the very existence of the weaknesses of Real Madrid. If next time you catch the eye of any match of this team, this factor certainly take into account, as it has a relatively large impact. It can help you to make an accurate decision.

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